Air Purifier Machine for CLEAN AIR

$250.00 $150.00


Introducing the Clean Air purification machine for your home and environment

HEPA13 air purifier offers clean air.

Breathe Better with True HEPA Filter

Filter: Pre filter + HEPA13 + Carbon Filter + Anion Filter

Combined with UV lamp to kill bacteria, fungus, virus



Air Purifier Machine

HEPA13 filter captures up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 microns or larger, from the are that passes through. The activated carbon pre-filter helps reduce unpleasant odors. This machine creates 5 million negative ions per second which promotes metabolism and improve immunity Negative ions can remove bacteria and dust efficiently. UV Lamp kills mold, fungus, bacteria, virus, and germs.


  • 360 degree cycle to purify faster
  • Best suited for rooms 300 to 500sqft
  • Multiple purification effect (first effect filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter)
  • Efficient UV germicidal lamp
  • 8 hour timer
  • Dual operation control
  • Efficient UV germicidal lamp
  • Air filter lasts up to 6 months (replacement available for purchase)

Product Specifications

  • Consumption power: 37w
  • Power Supply: 110V
  • Product Size: 33*20*54cm
  • Product Net Weight: 4kg
  • CADR(PM2.5): 150m3/h
  • Indoor Use